About Us


Fashion and style for every décor.

A free-spirited bohemian appeal; or a canvas of serenity and calm. A bright and vibrant summery feel; or an isle of relaxed countryside charm. Just pick a theme for your collection, and watch it come alive with Sarkar international stunning array of premium fashion concept. With an objective to cater to today's well-travelled fashion lover, we offer the most tasteful selection in woven fabrics, embroidery fabrics, fashion accessory, scarves and prints. A range that delivers elegance with functionality, and distinguishes every fashion space with an identity of its own. Thereby turning every design into fashionable garment or accessory.

Growth, fueled by innovation.


Sarkar international started with a singular vision of becoming a globally reputed name in the fashion industry. In a little over 14 years, today we are among the Kolkata's Top 5 manufacturers of fashion fabrics, accessory and scarf with a remarkable turnover. While we have begun well on our journey to become India's No.1, our progress is fueled by our commitment to deliver a seamless blend of international quality and impeccable style in a mind-blowing palette of colors. With over 5 decades of proven expertise and experience in understanding the finer nuances fashion fabrics and accessory, we continuously endeavor to set new benchmarks in quality and design through innovation.

A manufacturing facility, powered to deliver.

Our manufacturing facility is truly international, one which enables us to constantly innovate, and achieve the near-impossible. With unflinching emphasis on quality, detailing and perfection, we've invested in the finest of global technologies. Our infrastructure is powered by a state-of-the-art set up consisting of two vertically integrated factory. These are empowered to manufacture of premium quality product without a flaw. In one go. This efficient arsenal is further reinforced by the new addition of a third unit sprawling across 20,000 sq. meters. Together, they make Sarkar International a powerhouse of technology and innovation in the Fashion Industry.

This facility delivers an exhaustive range of high-luxury woven fabrics, embroidery fabrics, fashion accessory, scarves and prints.


Customer first. Always.

Our customers are ever-evolving. They are stylish and jet-setting globetrotters. And we understand this like no one else does. Keeping them at the core of everything, we go the distance to capture their pulse and understand their many preferences and tastes. These continuous chains of learning’s marked the genesis of our independent Design Studio. this Design Studio, along with talented global Designers apply our feedback and create innovative designs that are not just aesthetically appealing but also trend-setting in the respective markets. This endeavour has enabled us to enjoy the continued patronage of our customers, and we continue to grow not only in terms of market share, but also mind share.

Any enterprise is as good as the people behind it. By being visionary in thought and dynamic in action, the Sarkar International brand is built on a solid value foundation of quality, customer focus, integrity and commitment. And at the fulcrum of it lies a professional and proactive management which has ensured that the brand continues it's northbound growth trajectory across the atlas.

Be it unearthing new trends and tastes, analysing the changing lifestyles of consumers or taking bold decisions, the Sarkar International Management is always in the thick of affairs. Helmed by Mr. Ranjit SArkar, the management's is the strong pillars , who done many roles with effortless ease and have built Sarkar International into an successful enterprise today.

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